Arjen de Ruiter
Arjen de Ruiter

Arjen is responsible for architecture, software development, operations and security. Coosto is one of the most successful SaaS solutions for social media management. In recent years he has worked in large scale web environments. At Coosto they want to continually solve problems better and faster. They do this by combining speed and flexibility in product development, with keeping high confidence and stability in operations.

Bent Scott
Bent Terp
Product Manager

An enthusiastic Linux user for more than 30 years, Bent has designed and operated solutions for credit-card processing, e-health and video streaming services. His current focus is the adoption of public-cloud services and container-based microservices to increase innovation speed and quality.

Julien Varela_DO2018.jpg
Julien Varela
Senior System Engineer Benelux

Julien is a Sr. System Engineer and DevOps Solution Architect at Nutanix. As such, he provides consultancy, technical guidance and hands-on assistance across the region. Prior to holding this position, Julien fulfilled various roles at  Banque de France, the European Comission and Excellium Luxembourg where he specialized in the area of server & desktop virtualization, mobility and Cloud automation & application delivery.

Arno van de Velde_DO2018.jpg
Arno van de Velde
Senior presales Consultant Continuous Delivery
CA Technologies

Arno is a former testing specialist and quality assurance engineer and he helps customers with key challenges within todays’ modern software factory. He understands what is preventing them from going forward and offers solutions for problems in Requirements, Test Data, Test Automation, Test coverage and overall Quality Engineering

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